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Going Coastal is a collection of 10+ would be runners participating in a gruelling 230km six day footrace through the jungle, over mountains, across volcanoes and along the coastline of Costa Rica.

We share a goal of raising $230,000 for imagine1day so that the leaders of tomorrow will receive their tools today. More schools will be built, more teachers will be trained, more clean water wells dug, more sustainable agriculture projects will grow, and most importantly, more children will be given access to quality education.

We range in age from 23 – 46 and are an even mix of male and female participants. Race experience varies amongst the team with an ultra-runner, a multi-day racer, marathoners, half marathoners, triathletes, and others who have only ever run for the bus.

We are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, entrepreneurs, marketers, sales professionals, social media gurus, a CFO, a CEO, engineers, health & fitness professionals, a cancer survivor, agents of change and engagers in philanthropy.

“I am not telling you it is going to be easy. I am telling you it is going to be worth it.”

Art Williams


Find out who is running in the The Coastal Challenge in 2013 click on images below for bio’s of the runners in the race


  • Graham Snowden
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  • Leyla 2
  • Gemma
  • Jeff Bacha
  • Josh B
  • Kelly W
  • Pavel
  • Shawn2
  • Tam
  • Tony D

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